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Fitteh Muh | Short Film | by Kshitij Choudhary

Garage Productions presents

Fitteh Muh

A film by Kshitij Choudhary

Short Film that explores the unstoppable love of a mother beyond stereotypes.

Dedicated to the realest support system and truest being of our lives; our mother.


Location partner: Pacific Mall, Anand Vihar

Watch Fitteh Muh now.


Kaam Ki Jagah | Comedy Sketch | Radio Mirchi

झा जी सब जानते है | शायद | #JanhitMeJaari

A short comedy sketch.
Featuring: Subhash Krishna (Jha Ji), RJ Shruti, RJ Anjali
Created by Subhash Krishna & Kshitij Choudhary

We made a fun video in our fun time at the Mirchi Studio (Patna) three years ago in the year 2016 and I finally thought of uploading it.


तीरथ वाला प्यार | Poetry

एक होता है छज्जे-छज्जे का प्यार

फिर आता है तीरथ (तीर्थ) वाला।

अंकही, अनसुनी सिर्फ़ नज़रों-नज़रों में।

कहना होता है बहुत कुछ,

लेकिन शुरुआत पता नहीं होती,

देखना होता है थोड़ी और देर,

फिर line आगे बढ़ जाती है।

हम जानते है वो हमें देख रही है,

छुप-छुप के ।

अब आप कहेंगे हमें कैसे पता,

क्यूँकि भई, हमारी नज़रें तो वहीं अटकी हैं।

अरे, ये क्या? उसने हमें उन्हें देखते पकड़ लिया

क्या बात, मुस्कुराहट वो भी ना रोक पायी

हम भी ना रोक पाए।

मंदिर की घंटी बजाने दोनो साथ आगे आए,

ताम्बे के स्पर्श के अलावा भी एक स्पर्श हुआ।

टं सी आवाज़ ने हमारी एक सेकंड वाली रोमांस को

मम्मी-पापा के नज़रों से बचा लिया।

फिर पता ना चला,

मंदिर परिसर में भटकते-भटकते कहीं लापता हो गयी वो।

ढूँढा होगा उसने भी हमें निकलने से पहले,

एक नज़र घुमाया होगा भोग की कतार में।

एक होता है छज्जे-छज्जे का प्यार

फिर आता है तीरथ वाला।

चलो, कोई बात नहीं।

फिर कभी सही।

अंजाम देंगे अपने इस तीरथ वाले प्यारको।

प्रेम है कई प्रकार के बाज़ार में

इशकदारों की कमी नहीं समाज में।


तीरथ में भी होता है प्यार मेरे दोस्त, होता है।

सच्चा, सादा, innocent-वाला।

– क्षितिज चौधरी

(featured photo by Mayank Singh)


Does it ever happen? When you’re surrounded by tons of people and friends who’re partying around and you’re a part of the party too. Do you also feel lonely in the crowd of familiar faces and figures? Dancing on tunes you like or might not like. Grooving with someone you’ve had crush on or maybe it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, physically? Yeah. But mentally?

Does it ever happen that you feel alone and secluded even when you’re a vital part of the group? Does it ever happen that the happening times you spend with your colleagues and friends make you remorse and morose? Or if not morose then irritated and unwilling to participate. The fake smile that you stick on your gloomy face that it gives fake brightness? Does it ever occur to you why it happens so even when you’re a part of the society? Do you feel incomplete too?

Contrary to this, I don’t know why I feel complete and blissed when I am out on my own. When no one else is there, I don’t feel the urge to stick the fake smile, well that’s because I wear a natural one. The shine and brightness of the face tells emotion and feeling, and that is not gloominess at all. When on mountains and trekking, nature or near a dam, lake or ocean, when out into the wilderness, I feel solace in simplicity of the nature. The abstract of the environment, the purity and the asymmetry. No mirrors, natural night lamps, the stars on the roof which are not stickers or paint. Boundaries unseen, just green towers and giant rocks.

It all defines happiness, felicity.
Then why do we seek fun and thrill in the chaos of the metropolis and fake parties? Why are we even looking for something that pure in the impurity. Why don’t we know that we are going in the wrong direction?

Just why?

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