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Why CARTOON NETWORK is better than CN? VLOG

I’ve made another Vlog. It’s about ‪Cartoon Network‬ and the Good Old Days. Exclusively for 90s kids! Enjoy!
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Love coming your way.
ps- Sorry for the mono sound. Maybe some technical glitch or something.

What Super Mario Taught Us? (Real Life Lessons)

Hello Netizens,

Real life lessons from the legendary game that revolutionised our  childhood. Yes, I’m talking about SUPER MARIO!
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What Is Personality?

Hello Netizens!

I am Kshitij Choudhary and here I am defining ‘personality’ and why is it important. I made this video because I used to be the same little hideous creature who hated his voice and looks but later learned the fact that looking good is not the sole thing and hence I started to no longer care about it which led to a better perspective of life.

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Earthquake Myths Busted! (NepalQuake Rumours)

Hello Netizens!
Quashing rumours and busting myths related to Earthquake. This is my first vlog and I chose this topic to cover after experiencing the aftershocks of the disastrous earthquakes that happened in Nepal last weekend.
I observed how the crowd (in Patna and various other cities where the impact of earthquake wasn’t that powerful) ridiculously believed the nonsensical rumours and had  installed various myths in them which led to more panic and chaos in the situation which demanded a calm and sensible behaviour from everyone.
Here I am, busting a few myths that irritated me for long.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t edit it well. I had tried my best but the software got corrupted in the last moment.
More and better vlogs are coming soon. Also suggest me topics you would like me to cover.
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