Morning Sunlight is dropping by my balcony
Oh there, looks like he has some company

The cold Nostalgia breeze is swinging along
I wonder what would I do with them; all day long

Guests as they seem, could really be hazardous
With a timer in their pockets
They can really be disastrous

Can’t I hush away them like that
I’ve spent a great deal of moments,
It’d be rude not to greet them and chat

I’d offer a cup of tea to each
Maybe they’d forget the differences,
And may not as well behave like a leech

I still doubt why they still come to me
Bid them adieu long ago
So why do they keep coming back or so

I wish they’d be nice for a season
But my heart is addicted to this sweet stinging poison

Breakfast’s done,
Said a goodbye again
But, alas, they’d come another morning
Yet again
To talk happiness, joy and pain.


– Kshitij Choudhary

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