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बिहार एक क्रांति है। #BiharDiwas

हम फूल कहें तो प्यार समझ लेना,

इंक़लाब कहें तो बिहार समझ लेना |

बिहार एक क्रांति है। आज से नहीं सदियों से। लेकिन आज-कल ये क्रांति बहुत फीकी पड़ चुकी है। ना जाने हम किस ‘आज’ की होड़ में घुसे चले जा रहे की अपना कल मिटाते चले जा रहे। हाँ, थी ज़रूरत बिजली की, सड़कों की, गुंडा-रहित बाज़ारों की, लेकिन इतना तो कम-से-कम होना ही चाहिए था ना? हम आगे कैसे निकलेंगे? सिर्फ़ कुछ सड़के और नए मॉल्ज़ खुल जाने से हम विकसित कहला जाएँगे? वैसे भी, गगनचुंबि इमारतों और फ़्लाइओवर्स के दौड़ में भागे ही जा रहे, भागे ही जा रहे, लेकिन दौड़ रोक नहीं पा रहे। हाँ, प्रदूषण की रेस में अव्वल ज़रूर आ रहे।

सड़के तो बनती रहेंगी। हम क्या चाहते है? क्या चाहिए आपको? जिस ‘सोने की चिड़िया’ को पूरा भारत दुनिया को अपना बताता है, वो बिहार है आप। हमारा इतिहास, जिसे भारत अपनी विरासत बताता है, वो बिहार है आप।

सरकारें आएँगी सरकारें जाएँगी, लेकिन क्रांति रहनी चाहिए। ये बिहार रहना चाहिए।

– क्षितिज चौधरी


#SayItWithLove | Fathers’ Day Special | Social Experiment

We asked some people to be part of a survey having no clue about the questions. At the end we asked them to perform a particular task. The result? We got moving reactions. #SayItWithLove An emotionally powerful Fathers’ Day video that may bring tears to your eyes; and that will make you want to say you need to say today. #HappyFathersDay


Created by : Apoorv Suman, Ashwin Pai, Suraj Bhan Singh & Kshitij Choudhary



दो अनजान | Poetry

एक बात ऐसी है
एक रात बीती है
दो थे अनजान
ये बात ही ऐसी है
ना जाने हुआ क्या
ना जाने होगा क्या
कुछ चाहा था दोनो ने
कुछ चाहा है दोनो ने
जो था वो अब ना है
तो क्या जो चाहिए,
वो भी ना ले?

झाँका आँखों में एक दूसरे के
शायद रूह तक पहुँचे हो
कुछ था ज़बान पे दोनो के,
फिर भी चुप क्यों बैठे हो

शाम बीती, रात बीती
बीती सुबह सुहानी
फिर भी चुप बैठे दो अनजान
जो जान चुके थे दूसरे की कहानी

सन्नाटे के शोर में
गूँज उठी ये बातें
फिर भी ना बोल सके यें
दिल की ये मुरादें

एक डर बसा है अंदर
दुनिया नहीं है सुंदर
डरे समय से डरे वक़्त से
नहीं नसीब भी साथ दे
है ये डर का भीषण समंदर

दो थे अनजान
ये बात ही ऐसी है
अब ना रहे अनजान
तो बनते क्यों है?

– क्षितिज चौधरी

Fitteh Muh | Short Film | by Kshitij Choudhary

Garage Productions presents

Fitteh Muh

A film by Kshitij Choudhary

Short Film that explores the unstoppable love of a mother beyond stereotypes.

Dedicated to the realest support system and truest being of our lives; our mother.


Location partner: Pacific Mall, Anand Vihar

Watch Fitteh Muh now.


Rendezvous with Nostalgia | Poetry

Morning Sunlight is dropping by my balcony
Oh there, looks like he has some company

The cold Nostalgia breeze is swinging along
I wonder what would I do with them; all day long

Guests as they seem, could really be hazardous
With a timer in their pockets
They can really be disastrous

Can’t I hush away them like that
I’ve spent a great deal of moments,
It’d be rude not to greet them and chat

I’d offer a cup of tea to each
Maybe they’d forget the differences,
And may not as well behave like a leech

I still doubt why they still come to me
Bid them adieu long ago
So why do they keep coming back or so

I wish they’d be nice for a season
But my heart is addicted to this sweet stinging poison

Breakfast’s done,
Said a goodbye again
But, alas, they’d come another morning
Yet again
To talk happiness, joy and pain.


– Kshitij Choudhary

Kaam Ki Jagah | Comedy Sketch | Radio Mirchi

झा जी सब जानते है | शायद | #JanhitMeJaari

A short comedy sketch.
Featuring: Subhash Krishna (Jha Ji), RJ Shruti, RJ Anjali
Created by Subhash Krishna & Kshitij Choudhary

We made a fun video in our fun time at the Mirchi Studio (Patna) three years ago in the year 2016 and I finally thought of uploading it.


Bizarre Rat Religion | Photo Story | #TravellingHaathi

Rajasthan has always been a land of mystery and wonders. Once such wonder is found almost 10 kms. from Bikaner, called Deshnoke. Through a short series of photographs let’s empower our curiosity about the ancient Karni Mata Temple, or what the world calls it, The Rat Temple of India.

Brown furry rats crisscrossing the marble floors of the 600 years old Karni Mata Temple (Rajasthan) where they co-exist with humans.

Home to about 20,000 rats, at Karni Mata temple they are treated like royalty. In this picture squirming masses of rats are enjoying the milk poured out in large saucers for them. Stepping over any rat is considered a bad omen.

The rats live in their community peacefully and the human interference doesn’t seem to bother them. In this photograph I captured few rats sneaking behind a Dholak Wala who holds regular folk and religious musical sessions inside the temple premises.

Cute little rodent creatures are sunbathing on a bright winter noon. I love how that fat rat in the middle is looking into my camera with his sleepy eyes.

People from distant lands come to witness the rat society and worship them. They come in direct contact with these animals and rats too interact with humans in their own ways. There has never been a case of plague or other diseases transferred from the rats to humans and seen as divine protection from Karni Mata (The Rat Goddess). In this picture, a woman of faith is feeding a rat in order to impress the Rat Goddess and earn her blessings. Karni Mata Temple is a great example how bizarre can faith and religion be and to what extent people follow them. I loved my journey to Deshnoke (in Rajasthan) where this temple is situated. The locals loved telling me little intriguing anecdotes about this place and its importance. Karni Mata Temple is where curiosity ends and begins.

(Pictures by Kshitij Choudhary shot in December 2015)

The Triund Tale; Travel Film by Kshitij Choudhary

The Triund Tale

A travel film and documentation by Kshitij Choudhary.

Visualising my imagination and experiences from the Triund trek (Himachal Pradesh) that I made in March of ’18.

From the ‘Adventures of Travelling Haathi’, here comes my first production from the series.

Camera by
Mayank Singh Bais
Kshitij Choudhary

Editing by
Mayank Kumar

Concept and Directed by
Kshitij Choudhary

Shot majorly on OnePlus.

I Think I’ll Do Some Magic | Turning 21

This blogpost was supposed to be posted on my birthday, 24th June. I was travelling in a no-network zone, so I failed to do so. Post my journey a series of engaging incidents kept me busy and yet again I failed to post it until now. A  succession of occurrences have happened so far. First let me take you through what I’ve experienced on the day; i.e my birthday.

24th June, 2018

Why is everything out of place? So much of turbulence and chaos running through the veins.

Turning 21 has not been an easy task. A lot of people have made it to 21 and beyond. A lot many, couldn’t. I’m grateful to everyone who helped me being who I am and pushed me hard enough to survive to witness the terrific twenty-one.

Today went really bizarre and by that I mean in a mental way bizarre. My dearest friend, my brother, had an operation. A real painful one. My nani called me to wish me Happy Birthday and she was waiting for this day since last month. She repeatedly asked my aunt, “Is today 24th June? Is today Bobo’s birthday? Call him, I want to wish him,” for thirty days long. The fact that my lovely Nani had to wait a month just to find an occasion to dial my number and have a reason, just to talk to me, was really disturbing to me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to reciprocate the love she has given me.  What am I becoming? What have I become? Am I not a good grand-child?

Contrary to that I had a different encounter with my father today. Really sweet and pleasing, but, different. We hugged today. I held him in my arms like I used to in my childhood and gave him couple of sweet kisses on cheeks like I have a photo of ours when I was six. I almost forgot how it felt to hug him and be around his warmth. That moment instantly had me emotional and brought me down to tears.

Months passed and now it is September. I’d say wake me up when September ends but hell no! This ugly month didn’t let me sleep, didn’t allow me to have peace. Just when I thought I’m almost there to balance my life, a tragic incident happened in my family. My beloved Nani passed away.

When the news of her sad demise broke, it broke me into pieces. It shattered me so deeply that I stopped thinking rationally and went over-flowing with emotions. And I should have. She was a great deal to me. No one in my life has ever given me the amount of love than her. No one can or ever will be able to stand with me like she had. She was a constant source of energy to me, a beam of positivity, a ray of happiness and reason to progress and do better in every step in life.

My Nani had her entire world limited to her children and more than the children, her each breath was devoted to her grand-children; the six of us. She has always kept me motivated at every turn of life and was with me at every ladder that I’ve taken so far. She was the first person to hold me in arms when I was born. For twenty-one years of my life, I had the opportunity to be with the one who saw me and discovered me for the first time. She was the first human I ever saw, I ever touched, I ever felt. The bond that was created was far stronger and holier than the umbilical-bond.

I have thousands of memories with her and of her; and they can’t be ever forgotten. It is often said that a mother’s love is the purest and no other love can supersede that. Well guess what? This ‘fact’ is not an invariable truth. A grand mother’s love can surpass all the highest parameters ever set by the mothers of the world. My nani has been a profound example of this. A person, who’s love is unfathomable. John Green has truly said, “some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” 

It’s just so impossible to imagine a world without the greatest beauty and most powerful source of happiness to me.

She’s now resting in my heart and in my memories forever. I won’t ever let her suffer from the Oblivion’s curse. Her physical actuality might have ended but her high-spirited energy and unquestionable love can never seize to exist.

She has believed in me more than I have believed in myself and I’m not going to let her down.
Some people’s parts just ain’t that long…
I’m still going strong.

I’m twenty-one now. I think I’ll do some magic.

Short Film ‘Wasted’ Screened at Russia

Such a great start of the day. I’m brimming with joy to announce that today, on the occasion of World Environment Day, I got news that our short film ‘Wasted’ got selected in the 22nd International Ecological Film Festival (Russia).

After having screened at India, China and Serbia, Wasted : Short Film on Environmental Sustainability by Kshitij Choudhary, is now screening at International Ecological Film Festival, Russia.

Thanks everybody for their love and support.

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