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Bizarre Rat Religion | Photo Story | #TravellingHaathi

Rajasthan has always been a land of mystery and wonders. Once such wonder is found almost 10 kms. from Bikaner, called Deshnoke. Through a short series of photographs let’s empower our curiosity about the ancient Karni Mata Temple, or what the world calls it, The Rat Temple of India.

Brown furry rats crisscrossing the marble floors of the 600 years old Karni Mata Temple (Rajasthan) where they co-exist with humans.

Home to about 20,000 rats, at Karni Mata temple they are treated like royalty. In this picture squirming masses of rats are enjoying the milk poured out in large saucers for them. Stepping over any rat is considered a bad omen.

The rats live in their community peacefully and the human interference doesn’t seem to bother them. In this photograph I captured few rats sneaking behind a Dholak Wala who holds regular folk and religious musical sessions inside the temple premises.

Cute little rodent creatures are sunbathing on a bright winter noon. I love how that fat rat in the middle is looking into my camera with his sleepy eyes.

People from distant lands come to witness the rat society and worship them. They come in direct contact with these animals and rats too interact with humans in their own ways. There has never been a case of plague or other diseases transferred from the rats to humans and seen as divine protection from Karni Mata (The Rat Goddess). In this picture, a woman of faith is feeding a rat in order to impress the Rat Goddess and earn her blessings. Karni Mata Temple is a great example how bizarre can faith and religion be and to what extent people follow them. I loved my journey to Deshnoke (in Rajasthan) where this temple is situated. The locals loved telling me little intriguing anecdotes about this place and its importance. Karni Mata Temple is where curiosity ends and begins.

(Pictures by Kshitij Choudhary shot in December 2015)

The Triund Tale; Travel Film by Kshitij Choudhary

The Triund Tale

A travel film and documentation by Kshitij Choudhary.

Visualising my imagination and experiences from the Triund trek (Himachal Pradesh) that I made in March of ’18.

From the ‘Adventures of Travelling Haathi’, here comes my first production from the series.

Camera by
Mayank Singh Bais
Kshitij Choudhary

Editing by
Mayank Kumar

Concept and Directed by
Kshitij Choudhary

Shot majorly on OnePlus.

The Buddha Connection; #TravellingHaathi

Presenting a funky travel-montage film from my trip to the land of Buddha, Bodh Gaya, Bihar. Created this last year but don’t know what took me so long to post. I hope you like it.

About 110kms from Patna, India, Bodh Gaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From 2500 years old Bodhi Tree to 1600 years old Mahabodhi Temple, this video covers the glimpse of other places of interest in the city too. Various spots shown here are: Bodhi Tree, Main Temple, Chakramara Sthal, Thai Temple, Chinese Temple, 80ft Buddha Statue

Timelapse sequence by Sanchit Kumar Singh

Thank you Papa-Mamma, Swadha, Sanchit & Akshaya for a memorable journey.

Share it for the love of Buddha, Bodh Gaya and Bihar.

Instagram: @travellinghaathi
Twiter: @kshitij_chy



Majnu Ka Tilla – Walkthrough of Tibetan Street Food

Manu Ka Tilla; a Tibetan refugee settlement on the banks of river is also known as the ‘Mini-Tibet’. The Tibetan culture is one of the most unique and interesting cultures and if one wants to see its glimpse in Delhi, one must explore ‘Mini- Tibet’ or ‘Majnu Ka Tilla’. As one will enter the narrow lane of Majnu Ka Tilla, colourful prayer flags will definitely catch your eyes. Right in the centre of the colony is a monastery around which the hustle and bustle lives. Despite of the fact that the place is thronged by the tourists, there is a sense of peace in there.

35To know one’s culture one must explore their food. And Tibetan street food is just a level up! Cheap, quick, juicy and super tasty. Manu Ka Tilla is a perfect destination in the capital for your Tibetan food cravings. Enter at the inviting sight of colourful people and smell of spicy meat curries, which will hit your nostrils.

Everything from their juicy buff sausages and momos to laping rolls, cece salads and shabalay, will make you keep going back for more.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Kshitij Choudhary.

A film by Kshitij Choudhary.

Here’s a walkthrough of the food world that Majnu-Ka-Tilla has to offer.

Top 10 Things To Do in Patna | Beginner’s Guide

Patna is not a vast city in comparison to the metro cities and many other popular cities. But it doesn’t make it less interesting. If you’re on a tight schedule or on a short business/leisure trip, here are few places in the town that you should visit and experience the city’s life and soul. There is lot to do and many places to go, through which you can satiate yourself. Here are some handpicked places to visit in Patna that will provide guaranteed satisfaction to you if you’re short on time and have no idea where to start.

Buddha Smriti Park

A regular light and sound show happens inside Buddha Smriti Park. It is peaceful and tickets are cheap too. It’s nice for a walk in the evening. There are also the remains of Purana Jail and a museum too inside the park. The museum has a different entry ticket.

Ganga Aarti at NIT Ghat

A must visit is Ganga Aarti at NIT Ghat (Bhagirathi Vihar) which happens in the evening on weekends. On weekdays you may take a nauka-vihar (a boat ride) to reach the Ganga Beach and if you are lucky, you may find Gangetic Dolphins playing in …….. (click here to read full article).


(image courtesy: Saurav Anuraj, Meow Studio)

Suffering From Wanderlust But Can’t Afford? Worry Not! Use TRAVEL CARD

Are you suffering from the acute syndrome of anytime-adrenalin-and-never-settle-keep-moving disease commonly called ‘wanderlust’? You have that passion to explore and live but sometimes fail to reach your destination due to monetary issues? Does your financial dependancy disallow you to wander to the places you’ve dreamt of?
Well, your worries stop here. Yes, because several banks in India have come up with a splendid solution to your wanderlust expeditions where you can travel all you want in a budget less than you’d think.
Macau (Picture by Ramit Chauhan)

“Quit your job. Travel the world. Live.”
“हाँ और पैसा तेरा बाप देगा ?!”
“बाप नहीं बेटा , पैसा अब bank देगा।”

Youths are travelling more than ever and the sudden rising rush of explorers has likewise pushed the tourism business forward. Not bounded by the nation boundaries these young travellers are also going overseas seeking affordable travel packages, knowledge,  adventure, wish to experience new cuisines and culture and, of course, relaxation.
According to a report by World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, by 2020, 320 million worldwide trips are expected to be made by youth explorers every year, a stunning 47% rise from 217 million in 2013.
Most popular travel destinations recently include UK, UAE, the USA, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc. Numerous voyagers pick solo-backpacking, group trips etc, however one thing is common- they want hassle free travel, especially when they are travelling abroad. They wish to spare themselves from troubles of money exchange at each destination abroad, furthermore search for rebates and discounts.
Here’s when travel cards come in.
Banks these days are facilitating smooth travel for youths who travel abroad. They have propelled travel cards for simple exchange, sparing them from carrying cash.
“A multi-currency travel card helps traveller to either carry money in a single currency or carry multiple currencies in one single card without the hassle of carrying cash. The exchange rate is fixed and known to the user protecting him/her from volatile movement in exchange rates,” said Kusal Roy, Senior General Manager, ICICI Bank.
Hong Kong skyline (Picture by Ramit Chauhan)

The travel cards accompany protection or insurance, free emergency travel help, zero lost card liability, and so on. And adding to its list to features the extravaganza is that it also provides discounts.

“One can avail 1% cutback, on a minimum spend value of $1000, using ICICI Bank Travel Card and up to 20% discount on dining, shopping, travel and stay as well,” said Roy.
V George Antony, MD, UAE Exchange India, said, “Any customer who wants to exchange traveller cheque need to pay high exchange conversion rate and this has shifted the youth to prefer travel cards that has comparatively less conversion rate. Besides, travel card can also be used in various instruments like POS swiping machines, ATMS, online etc.”
Although the process to avail the card might be a tedious one and I would suggest you to carefully read and understand its limitations and terms & conditions. Contact your bank for more details and pay attention to the documents. To name a few, State Bank of India(SBI), ICICI, Axis are some of many banks that provide travel card.
So, dear explorers, next time when you plan a trip abroad do contact your bank and ask for travel cards and make your journey convenient and pocket-friendly.
Do tell me about your travel stories by hash tagging your instagram/twitter/facebook posts with #DHTravelStory or comment down your wonderful experiences.
What’s next on your travel bucket list?
Show your love for travel. Show your wanderlust.

Winter On The Road by Kshitij Choudhary || #TravellingHaathi || Travel Short Film

Winter on the Road by Kshitij Choudhary 
#‎TravellingHaathi (Rishikesh- Kunjapuri Road Trip Short Film)
Simply arranged some moving moments that I captured during my Rishikesh adventure and scooty hike up to Kunjapuri (through phone), added a music in the background and left the rest on VivaVideo to do the magic. Nice app btw. 
Have a look. WATCH TILL THE END.
Show your love for travel. Show your wanderlust.
This was just an experiment while playing with this mobile app. My new and better edited travel videos are coming soon (currently in post processing).
Thank you Streets of India and zdventure for this overwhelming experience. Thanks to Antriksh and Ayush for the collab and contributing to the video. 
Love coming your way.

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